About Us

We got tired of generic coffee that gave us no energy.

Our Story

For too long, we have scoured supermarkets looking for a coffee that would suit our palates to no avail.

All we wanted was to re-experience the jolt of energy we experienced when we first tried coffee to finish a last minute assignment.

On our quest to find the perfect coffee, we came across Café Lotus. A small producer of ultra-strong vietnamese blends. 10 minutes after the first cup, that alert jitteryness we all missed was back. This was the missing piece.

It would have been a shame to keep this to ourselves so we partnered with them to sell it to more exhausted professionals that haven’t heard of this rare blend.

Since then, we’ve move on to working with American roasters in order to provide you the freshest roasted coffee possible. All our current offerings are roasted the day they are shipped to you.

We Sell Strong Coffee

We don’t drink coffee for fun. We drink for the power it gives us. It just so happens we like the coffee we drink.

Single Origin Beans

Unique Blends