Experimental Blend: High Octane


Meant for those that need their first sip of coffee within 30m of waking up.

Our latest high caffeine blend that gives you the kick you need to conquer the day without going down like a shot.

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Get a coffee designed to give you the jitters. For those who enjoy the flow state of the caffeine buzz but have too much tolerance to feel it anymore.

Do you remember the first time you started drinking coffee for the energy? Was it for an assignment that you put off until the last minute? Or were you cramming for an exam the next day? Do you still remember the tingly feeling you got as the caffeine gave you the rush of energy you needed?

We at Coffeine have been chasing that wonderful kick ever since we hit the workforce. All of those late night projects, those early morning commutes to work were accompanied by copious amounts of coffee. But at some point, the warm hug and push start coffee gave us went away and we were left with a warm drink that didn’t quite taste as good as we liked but was a familiar comfort.

Unlike most high caffeine blends, we’re not trying to “feel strong”. This brew is a blend of 2 high caffeine beans roasted to a medium-light level which allows them to retain the most caffeine possible while achieving a pleasant and complex flavor profile.

In plain English? It’s strong coffee that tastes good.

Please note: This coffee is roasted on the day it’s shipped so it may take a few days to ship from the day you place your order. This is to ensure the coffee arrives to your door at its freshest possible state.

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1 lb (454g), 5 lb (2.267kg)


Standard, Espresso, Whole Bean


Light and medium

Bean origins

Tanzania and India


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