Professional’s Roast – Medium Roast


The coffee you make for the long day ahead.

Everybody works for a living, but only professionals do work you can be proud of.

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When it comes to selecting the perfect medium roast, it was important for us to return to our roots. Back when we knew little about coffee but could still taste the difference between a cup of swill and some good coffee.

The Professional’s Roast is for someone that’s not a coffee snob but rather a coffee enjoyer. Somebody  who values a smooth and satisfying coffee because they’re gonna have 4-6 cups a day.

This particular blend of beans is roasted to its natural flavor profile, offering a rich and full-bodied flavor without the bitterness often associated with stronger brews. That’s because we picked the beans that taste their best at a medium roast.

Each cup of The Professional’s Roast delivers a delightful aroma and a smooth, well-rounded taste that will help you power through your workday. One that’s likely to have overtime.

Whether you need a boost to kickstart your morning or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, this coffee is the perfect companion for your busy schedule. Though it works great with espresso, it was crafted with the drip machine and the French press in mind. For people that don’t have the time to craft something nice, but still want a nice drink.

Experience the difference that a thoughtfully blended and expertly roasted coffee can make in your daily routine without having to bust out the scale and pour-over.

Each order of the Professional’s Roast is roasted on the day it’s shipped in order to give you the best possible coffee. You work hard for your coffee, therefore you deserve the best of what you paid for.

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1 lb (454g),, 5 lb (2.267kg)


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