It’s been a long time guys, we’ve been busy with our own enterprises and hadn’t had the time to seriously do a test run with all the suppliers. This is the reason behind the various small batch test runs we’ve had.

None of the quality suppliers had decent supply and none of the big suppliers had good quality. That changes in 2024.

Multiple products down the pike

Our new partner, is a HUGE roaster that works with many smaller brands. This means that through their size, we don’t have to worry about running out of stock in the mid-season or major price renegotiations.

We’re also in talks with another roaster in the Illinois area in order to offer a wider selection of coffee roasts and eventually, tea as well.

Selection release order

As much as it would be fun to start out with a dozen options, we’re limited by budget and time. We could release a dozen roasts tomorrow but they would be roasts that we haven’t tested thoroughly and that would be disingenuous. Why promote brews we haven’t had when there are plenty we have had?

So because of that, we’ll be releasing our new lineup in batches that we’ve tested and approved in roughly this order.

High octane blend

One of the realities of chasing your dreams is that you have to work long hours. That’s how most of us got into coffee isn’t it? Late nights, deadlines and early mornings.

Looking back it was great, but eventually you build up a tolerance and forget how much coffee once helped you.

Some people move onto energy drinks, we use them too. But coffee remains the beverage of choice for us. That’s why we’ve been working on a high caffeine blend à la Deathwish coffee.

Mind you, it’s not the same, we just love the idea of a high octane blend and so we made our own.

Dark Roast

Dark roast doesn’t mean burnt. If you hate Starbucks, that’s usually the problem.

Generally speaking, they use decent beans. The problem is that Starbucks’ signature roast is a charred style that gives them the consistency they need to reproduce the exact same cup of pike place roast around the world no matter what the weather is that growing season.

For us, we’d rather not sell something than sell a subpar batch. See the past 6 months of supply… Or should we say lack of supply?

Our newest roast is a blend of 6 separate beans roasted to dark, chocolatey perfection. It’s intended to replace the former Café Lotus we used to carry and is perfect for the moka pot and the espresso machine.

We like it with the Vietnamese phin too, but it seems it’s not a common option for you guys at home.

Tradesman brew (Renamed Professional’s Brew)

Though we can offer a large variety of rich and complex roasts, there’s something to be said about your easy-to-drink cup of joe. The one you get because you need it at 5AM and don’t have time for that pesky pour over.

We can’t offer you an affordable blend at our scale but we can level up your average cup.

The tradesman brew is intended to be a lighter drink that’s nice, because you work hard and deserve more from life than the same cup every 9 to 5er gets. It’s a nice and smooth medium roast to make your commute a bit more pleasant.

Release Update: We ended up renaming this product the Professional’s Brew because we felt it fit the feel we try to convey better as it’s meant for achievers rather than a specific line of work.

English Breakfast

This is probably not “on brand” for us, but one of our co-founders likes to unwind by drinking tea while curled up during cold winters. Since our brand was born out of our caffeine addictions, this seems like a good addition, if it’s not we’ll just keep the supply for ourselves, no worries.

It does make a good gift for any friend that’s a bookworm though.

Hazelnut coffee

French vanilla or hazelnut? Both are great flavors but Hazelnut won out. Hazelnut coffee is great on it’s own but shines when you make lattes and mixed drinks.

This version likely won’t be available until March or April. We have to get more people to try it first.

Closing words

2024 is gonna be a busy year for us here at Coffeine, and we hope our supply will help your year be just as busy and eventful.

We’re gonna be releasing the most amount of products at one time we’ve ever done up to this point. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the roasts just as much as we do.

Do your best, make this year count.

-The Coffeine team.